Thursday, January 12, 2012

Retirement Living in Mississauga

We all save for our retirement and then what? We can have our days packed with lunches, weekly outings to the casinos or a professional sporting event. Working out in a state of the art health centre or playing billiards in the weekly tournament. Sometimes we don’t have to get out of bed until after lunch and sometimes we don’t have to go to bed until after midnight.

You would think we were all back in college but no - this is the life in the new retirement communities of today.

The decision to make a move from your current residence into a continuing care retirement community is one of the biggest challenges we as Canadians have to face and more than often with a great deal of reluctance. It is difficult to part with the family home and let go of the prized possessions collected over a lifetime and equally difficult to face the fact that we may someday need more assistance with the day to day routines we currently do in our lives.

In particular Boomers are starting to change things and now desire to plan ahead or escape the large upkeep and maintenance of the house and yard.

Selecting the right place to go can be equally as challenging once the decision is made to do it.

Decide What You Would Like: Compile a wish list of what you would like to have in the dream community as to housing options, location, activities, transportation, availability of care and all the other amenities that would make you feel at home. Prioritize the order of importance and narrow it down to make the search easier.

Personally Check Out Communities: Research the communities that meet your requirements. Go beyond the internet – talk to residents, understand monthly costs and fees and ask your lawyer to look at the community’s financial outlook. If your needs change are more services available?

Immerse Yourself: Ask for an invite to dinner or lunch – go for coffee – wander through the gardens. This will help you visualize day to day life.

Involve the Family: Ask your family to be involved – they may see things that you may not. They also can provide a strong support when you finally make your decision. Their input is invaluable.

Use Professionals: Hire professionals to help you with the downsizing move. They can be beneficial in helping you dispose of personal articles that you cannot take along. There are many companies or individuals who specialize in this service.

Design your new space: Settle into your new pad in easily by arranging furniture and decor in a manner that was similar to your home. They will help you settle in quicker and take away some discomfort.

Get to know the players: Introduce yourself to the staff and residents as they now live with you. Create an open relationship. The more the staff knows about you – the more they can provide assistance.

Establish a routine: This will help you stay connected with familiar people and faces.

Let the fun begin: Get involved with activities. You will be surprised but others will share your interests as well be it cards, backgammon, walking, shopping, gambling – oops – not us?

Adjust the Attitude: A positive attitude is extremely important through this process. You will never feel lonely as there is always someone around when you need them. Someone to give us a lift when we need it.

Transition is a major life change but keep this tips in mind to reduce stress and live your life to the fullest. You will wish you had moved ten years.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Luxury Real Estate For Sale

                Exclusive Gordon Woods - Mississauga,ON Canada
Opportunity Rarely knock to find such a home of quality and distinctive finishes.  elegant setting in Gordon Woods under a canopy of white pine and spruce trees.  almost 11,000 sq.ft.of living space including a completely finished lower level with sauna, spa, nanny quarters, entertainment room, wine bar and cellar.  Fabulous kitchen with 2 islands, walk in pantry, butler servery.  This home is tremendous in size but not ostentatious due to its unique architectural design.  Offered for sale at $3,975,000
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